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How to delete a team

The Teams feature is built around users with the Brand Administrator role being able to create, edit and delete teams, whereas any user currently assigned to the brand with a role that allows them access to the Business Application can be added to a team. As such, the first step to deleting a team is ensuring you have the Brand Administrator role.

If you have the correct role, you can delete a team by clicking the trash icon on the top-right of a team card:

Clicking the trash icon will launch a confirmation modal, asking you to confirm that you actually want to proceed. Once a team is deleted, it cannot be recovered unless you re-create the team with the same settings.

Effects of deleting a team

If you confirm the deletion by clicking "Yes, delete", two things will happen:

  1. The team will be removed from your Teams overview

  2. Any remaining credit balance in the deleted team will be transferred to the Default team. Your brand's credits are never lost.

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