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How to edit an existing team

The Teams feature is built around users with the Brand Administrator role being able to create and edit teams, whereas any user currently assigned to the brand with a role that allows them access to the Business Application can be added to a team. As such, the first step to editing a team is ensuring you have the Brand Administrator role.

Note: the Default team cannot be edited directly, only influenced by the activity of creating other teams. Every brand user will always have access to the Default team, but the available balance will change as more teams with their own credit allocation is created.

Provided you have the correct role, you can edit an existing team by simply clicking the team you would like to edit in the Teams overview. You can either click the credits bar to jump straight to the credit allocation step, or anywhere else on the card to enter the member edit step.

When you enter the team edit process, you'll find the settings provided upon creation already populated in each section. From this point, editing a team works exactly the same as if you were creating it. Simply navigate to the steps where you'd like to edit something and select or de-select members, type a new name or enter a new monthly credit allocation. Once you're ready, navigate to the Credit Allocation step and click "Save". The team will be updated accordingly on the teams overview page.

In the example below, a member is added and the team name is changed:

Changing a team's credit allocation

Updating the number of members in a team or the team's name is a fairly straightforward procedure without much depth. However, changing the credit allocation of a team is worth covering in more detail. It should be noted that credit allocations are considered long-term decisions, so if you find yourself changing a team's allocation more often than once every few months, it could be worth reconsidering the setup to better meet your intended goals.

Recurring effects of changing allocated credits

Since credits are recycled every month, all of your teams will receive a refill to the determined allocation level at the start of each month. As such, the recurring credits allocated to a team dictates how many credits that team will receive at the start of each month.

With this in mind, changing the recurring credit allocation of a team will simply change the number of credits the team receives at the start of every month.

Immediate effects of changing allocated credits

You might expect that changing the credit allocation of a team would also change their immediate balance. However, this is not the case. When you create a team, the team will receive a balance as close to the allocation as possible, based on what's available in the Default team. When you edit a credit allocation, the current balance of the team will not be affected - only the amount of credits the team receives the next month.

Illustration: Increasing credit allocation of "Example team" while decreasing it for "Default team"

In this example, the Example team has 100 credits left to spend, and a monthly allocation of 200 credits. If we wanted to increase this team's allocation to 500 per month, we'd simply edit the team and enter this number.

However, once the new allocation is saved the Example team still only has 100 credits left to spend. If you hover the credit bar, you can see the team will receive the full 500 credits next month.

In the same way, the Default team's balance stays 550, but will be reduced to the brand's remaining 250 credits at the start of next month, to cater to the Example team's greater allocation.

For now, if the Example team needed those credits right away, they'll simply need to select the Default team to spend the credits, as this team's balance is always available to all brand members. Starting next month, they'll have the full 500 allocated credits at their disposal.

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