What are credits and how do they work?

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This is an article about how BIMobject's credits system works and how to spend credits. For information on how to purchase additional credits, see our article on buying credits.


Overview of credits

In February 2022, BIMobject introduced “Credits” as a new transactional tool for business users - allowing you to use the platform’s marketing functionality. Unless otherwise was explicitly agreed within your subscription, brands with a Premium plan on BIMobject has some credits included in your plan by default:

BIMobject Plan

Included Credits





Premium (Regional License)

250 / month

Premium (Global License)

1000 / month


1000 / month

Spending credits

A brand’s credits work similarly to a mobile data subscription: the monthly balance can be spent to engage with your audience via Email Campaigns and grow it using Promoted products and Promoted collections. On the 1st of every month, the credit balance is refreshed to the monthly allowance, regardless of any remaining balance at the end of the month - so go ahead and use those included credits!

At any given time, the brand’s credit balance can be found in the widget at the top of the left side-menu when logged into the BIMobject Business Application. The widget also indicates how many days are left until the next refresh of credits.

The tools that are fueled by credits follow the pricing scheme below:


Basic & Standard


Email Campaigns

(captured audience)

Feature not available

1 email to 1 user = 1 credit

Email Campaigns

(undiscovered audience)

Feature not available

1 email to 1 user = 2 credits

Promoted products

(1 product, 1 week)

Starting from 30 credits

Starting from 30 credits

Promoted collections

(1 collection, 1 week)

Feature not available

Starting from 50 credits

This means a brand with a Premium plan and regional license (250 credits / 30 days) could run an email campaign for 50 users in your audience and promote one or more products for a week (depending on what countries you promote in) - every month, free of charge.

Many customers have already used the marketing tools BIMobject offers with success. If you think these functions would work well for your company as well, but aren’t quite sure how to get started, you can always contact us to learn more about relevant past cases and how to make these tools work for you.


Is there any way to get more credits than what’s included in my plan?

Yes. For more detailed instructions, please see our article on buying credits.

How do I get in touch with Customer Success about my credits?

You can either reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly or use the chat feature available on the right-hand side in the business application. Upon sending a message, someone from Customer Success will reach out to you shortly.

What happens if I have credits remaining at the end of the month?

Any credits remaining at the end of a month are lost and cannot be carried over. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to find the marketing mix that best fits your needs and start using any available credits to your advantage.

Can I use credits on a Basic or Standard plan?

Yes, credits are available for all plans, but the features on which they can be spent is limited based on your plan.

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