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  1. Teams - bringing your organization together

  2. Creating a team

  3. Editing a team

  4. Deleting a team

  5. Credits - how they work and where to use them

  6. Credits - designing an effective marketing strategy on BIMobject (coming soon)

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Overview of the "Teams" feature

The "Teams" feature enables brands to organize users within their organization into groups based on an internally desired structure. The feature is built around users with the Brand Administrator role being able to create and edit teams, whereas any user currently assigned to the brand can be added to a team.

How teams can improve your organization's efficiency

Beyond the purely organizational aspect, teams allow you to allocate your brand's available budget of recurring credits to them. In doing so, each created team is effectively empowered to govern their own marketing activities - making the budgeting and allocation of credits to each eligible unit a one-time administration that will apply for as long as the team structure remains the same.

In this article series, we'll tell you everything you need to know about teams and credits to utilize both features effectively and create a marketing strategy that works for your brand.

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