Q4 2022 - Product launch

See audience engagement

Every interaction architects and engineers have with your product and brand on bimobject.com is a touch point where they have engaged with your brand. You want to see how you manage to engage your audience over time.

In the new Analyse performance view, you can see the number of individual users who have engaged with you by downloading files or following your brand daily, weekly or monthly. Choose if you want to see the data in your default segment or customise it based on your regions or product categories.

Influence your performance through action

As a marketer, you want to know how you can impact performance. You can take steps in the marketplace to influence your performance and engage with your audience further. The main ones are:

  • Publish new product pages

  • Promote products

  • Promote collections

  • Email campaigns

In the new dashboard, you can map out these actions on the timeline, so you can truly see the effects of your efforts. We believe it will also help you see and get inspired to reach out and engage with the audience, to keep building relationships with specifiers showing an interest in your products.

See how users rate your BIM content.

In recent marketplace releases, we have introduced the ability for architects and engineers who have downloaded and used BIM content to come back and give a rating. Now we make these insights available to you for your brand.

As part of the new action-oriented Analyse, you can see how many of your products have been rated and your average rating - compared to the average rating on the platform.

The feature is an early version of making this data available; as we capture ratings and evolve this area further, it will grow to provide even more insight to you.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Involve your team

Insights and highlights about your performance are not only of interest to you; at least, that is what many of you have told us over the years. There is a need for easy to create and share reports, with key aggregated numbers.

Sharing the current status and involving your team in the results of your actions are only a few clicks away wrapped report. You can generate it for a month and market segment of your choice, then download a pdf report.

Empower your team to take action with credits

Some teams are large, and some even have sub-teams. You may be organised geographically or by the market segment that you are targeting. The freedom to act is vital - an empowered team must know they are in control.

We are introduction teams for credits. Teams allow you to allocate monthly credits fairly across your organisation. You are free to set up teams as you see fit, depending on your needs. It may be per region/market or by use case. Team members can be part of one or many teams. The restriction is around the allocated credits. Only a brand administrator can allocate credits or change the number of credits a team can use. Helping you stay on top of activities and promotions across distributed teams.

Inspect your Revit files

Have you ever wished for an easy way to view the data in your Revit file? To peek inside, without having Revit installed or downloading the file, create a Revit project to place it in and move it anywhere.

With the Revit inspector, you can look inside the file, see all the properties, links and classifications listed, and quickly preview what the specifiers downloading the file will see in Revit.

If you are not a BIM user, you may wonder why I need to view the data in the Revit file. A common reason is that you want to ensure the data is valid and up-to-date. Things change in a fast-moving digital environment, and so does the data about your products.

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