Why are you asking users to rate objects?

This year BIMobject started asking users to rate BIM objects post-download. All these answers become a great dataset showing insights into how happy users are on the platform with the content they download.

We always knew our customers had great BIM content on the marketplace; the ratings are an additional qualitative data point we share with our customers. And we believe that having insights into what architects and engineers think is of great value to our customers.

We also believe it will ensure that the marketplace stays a got place where specifiers come to find world-class manufacturer BIM content.

I am delighted with my ratings. Can I use it in my marketing?

Yes, of course, you can! When you get great reviews, that is a sign that others can trust what you have produced. It is a qualitative data point that shows appreciation for the efforts you have put into helping specifiers in their day-to-day work.

How will my ratings impact my reach on the platform?

Currently, we are only collecting and sharing the ratings with our customers. The intention is also to share them on the platform with users, helping users help each other to find great content. The ratings can, at that point, inspire more users to download your content that other users have recommended.

I do not see ratings on all my products. Why not?

Although many products and brands have ratings, not all have yet been rated by users. And some products have received few ratings. If you are not shown any average rating, it is because calculating it at this time based on too few numbers isn’t helpful.

Will ratings be displayed on my product page on the platform?

Yes, they will - but not now. We are starting by sharing the average ratings with you as customers now. The intention is to in future also share them on the marketplace.

Can users also leave comments on the rating?

Yes, they can leave a comment on their rating. We are collecting comments with the details of each product rating in our database.

Curious about specific ratings and comments for your files? Reach out and schedule some time with your customer success manager for a review call.

I am not happy with the ratings on my products; what should I do?

There can, of course, be different reasons that your ratings aren’t what you would wish for. Verifying if there are specific feedback in comments that users have left can give some answers. But we are also here to help, to review your BIM content and create an action plan.

Our team of BIM consultants have the expertise needed. We have the experience and insights into what specifiers are looking for. We can help you whether your content needs maintenance or a more significant overhaul. Reach out to your customer success manager to get the process started.

How can I get involved and give feedback on the rating feature as it is evolving?

At this time, the full implementation of the feature is being worked on from a product design perspective. Let your customer success manager know if you are interested in being an early adopter and giving input directly to our product and design team.

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