Promote your collections

We are introducing the ability to promote a collection of your choosing! By grabbing the attention of users directly on the home page, promoted collections provide a new, exciting way for you to grow your following on BIMobject. Beyond just showcasing the included products, promoted collections provide another path for users to your brand page - allowing them to explore the rest of your content and thus nicely complement other ongoing marketing activities.

During promotions, a Collection will be showcased on BIMobject's front page as well as on the general collection pages, where any user can find them and explore the product pages they contain.

If you have had promoted products on the marketplace in the past, you'll recognise the steps of promoting a Collection.

Promoting products is now possible for all customers

With this launch, we make the option of promoting products to the top of search results in certain countries available also to Basic and Standard customers. This powerful tool helps you push specific products during a set period.

Launching a promotion consists of three simple steps: selecting the products, the target countries and finally the duration along with a specified start date for the promotion. As long as you have enough credits, you’re all set to launch the promotion. While credits are sold separately, we’re giving you 50€ / $50 off every 250 credits purchased as a launch offer, meaning you can save up to 40% while the offer lasts. Reach out to Customer Success if you want to learn more, but don’t wait too long - the campaign is only running until 31st October 2022.

Target audience

The way you can refine, engage with, and keep track of your target audience has been in focus over the last couple of launches. But now we are taking it even further!

Filters for creating more refined target audiences

When saving or editing target audiences you will have a lot more options:

  • Download source
    - Identify and target users who have downloaded from you Website integration on your website.

  • File types
    - Distinguish between a Revit user and an Archicad user

  • Product downloads
    - Segment users based on how active they are

  • Product collections
    - Select entire product lines instead of one at a time

  • Occupation grouped by Influencer type
    - Connect with the direct influencers in an easier way

  • The US states in the country dropdown
    - Filter down your audience on a US state level

Tighter integration with email campaigns

When exploring a saved target audience you will see how many campaigns the audience members have been included in. You can also explore this further to see exactly which campaigns a specific user has received.

In addition, you will be able to remove specific users from a saved target audience. In any saved target audience you may exclude users who will not receive your email campaigns. It may, for instance, be someone from your own company who is downloading your files.

Making file management in Publish easier

Many of you manage huge amounts of files on our platform via Publish. With this release, we are introducing some tools that will make life easier for our power users.

Task manager for file uploads

The new task manager has improved the process of how bulk uploads are handled. We are removing any limits on file sizes and the number of files uploaded at once.

As you start the file upload you will see a progress tracker. It lets you start an upload process, continue working on other tasks in Publish, and then come back and check on the status of the file transfer as it happens.

Improved life cycle management process for files

Another power tool is our new file template that will remove many clicks for those updating and changing many files. In short, it lets you export a list of your files into XLSX and make changes to the state of the files to unpublished, deleted or published.

A huge click- and time-saver. You can take advantage of the sorting feature of Excel to sort by columns to find all the files from a certain format, brand, date, status or creation technique (BIMscript, Mosquito or none). A smart shortcut can make complex changes like “Unpublish all the BIM-script generated Sketchup files created after 1 January” or “Delete all mosquito generated Revit files made before December last year”.

Better experience for downloading files from Publish

We are introducing several filters that will make it easier when you want to download all your files of a certain type at once. You can filter by software, file type, file status and more.

Object ratings on the BIMobject marketplace

We are continuously working on improving the experience for architects and engineers using the BIMobject marketplace, so it can stay the world-class place for quality BIM content that they are so hungry for.

One such improvement is letting users tell us about their experience with an object or file with a rating and comment system. Users can now go into their download history and rate all files that they have downloaded. We see good results, and a lot of ratings come in. The users tell us that the marketplace has some great content! (Which we already knew, of course.)

Curious about any current rating for your files? We have data for many products and brands and will share it with you in a review call. Reach out and schedule some time with your customer success manager.

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