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In your target audience, you find information about users who have downloaded your products or who are following your brand.

The regions and countries you see depend on your licence.

Save a target audience

To be efficient in your communication and work you need to save your detailed list into Saved audiences. This will allow you to reach out to a specific audience using Email campaigns or to run a product promotion to grow your user base within that specific target audience.

  • Click View the detailed list

  • Filter the audience to match your needs

    • Timeframe

      You pick a timeframe matching how far back in time the users in this audience should have been active with your brand. For email campaigns, it is smart to not go far back in time. You will likely see better results with your campaign if it is sent to users who actively engaged more recently.

    • Regions

      Depending on your licences you can multi-select several countries or regions.

    • Occupations

  • Show more filters

    • Downloader

      • Product Collections

      • Product downloads

      • File types

      • Download sources

    • Followers

  • Give your audience a name and click Save.

View details about a specific user

If you wish to see details about a certain user, you simply click their row in the list.

This will show you this information:

  • Name

  • LinkedIn Search
    This is a shortcut to search for the name on LinkedIn.

  • Occupation

  • Location

  • Products the user has downloaded

Target audience export

In addition to viewing information about your target audience in the business application, you can also export any target audience into .xlsx or .csv format to integrate with your other business processes.

For more information on how to work with the target audience export functionality, please see this article.

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