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Ratings and Reviews walkthrough
Ratings and Reviews walkthrough

A guide to Ratings and Reviews for manufacturers

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Introduction 👋

The AEC users that download objects from the BIMobject Marketplace are encouraged to rate and a review the files after the download is completed.

By doing this, you as a Building Product Manufacturer are given the chance to understand how your content performs in a model, and if it solves the users need as intended. In addition, you will be able to reach out to the user with technical support - by interacting trough the comment/reply feature. Such conversation can provide valuable insights, and help solve potential issues.

At BIMobject, we believe that connecting the AEC community with the manufacturers is a key step towards changing the future of digital construction.

Rating system ✨

Last year, we introduced our AEC users on to the rating system. They have since been given the opportunity to rate 1-5 stars on their downloaded objects. The rating system follows a standard behavior where 1 star is the lowest rating and 5 stars is the highest.

So far, the average score is 4.2, which indicates that most manufacturers on our platform offer high quality BIM objects for download. Indeed, that makes us very proud!

Reviews 📋

Predefined reviews

In many cases, the BIM objects come with high complexity. Users may not be experts on their preferred software and how to handle a certain object in that environment. To avoid randomly low ratings based on lack of know-how, we mandate users to submit a review if they rate the object below 1-3.

Together with our BIM consultants at BIMobject, we have defined a set of answers to help sort out what type of issue the user has encountered. These predefined answers look like this:

The pre-defined reviews explained

Does not place as expected

The object might not fit to the right surface (roof, wall etc.), or the center of the drawing does not match the center of the object, making it that when you drag and drop it, it shows up in unexpected positions, instead of under your cursor.

Does not function as expected

Something with the programming of the object might be wrong. The parameters might not change the size in a correct way, there could be crashes, slowdowns or unexpected breaks or disappearance of parts of objects

Metadata not sufficient for design

There is not enough textual information to properly identify the object and use it in schedules (listing tables of products included in the project)

File size is too large

if the size is too large, the objects are slow and sluggish to use and might drag down the performance of the entire BIM model (the building that includes the products)

Geometry is imported

The object contains imported polygonal geometry from another software, such as 3ds Max. Since this part is not modeled natively, it can’t change size, be influenced by parameters, materials can’t be correctly applied and often it’s too heavy. Sometimes this is unavoidable though, such as in case of surfaces that are impossible to model in Revit, like modern cars for example.

File not for my software version

Revit will not open a file which is saved in a newer version. A file which is saved in a version which is too old, more than 3 years, takes a long time to load and might not support all the latest features.

Access individual ratings and reviews

You as a manufacturer will find all of this information in the Business app > Analyse > Ratings and reviews.

By clicking on the specific product in the list view, you will be able to see individual ratings and reviews, and you will be able to answer and engage with the AECs reviewing your objects.

To be able to engage, your user needs to have one of the roles “Brand administrator” or “Product manager”. Don't have those roles in your account? Reach out to your account manager, to discuss how to get access to engage and answering comments.

Free text reviews

Users that rate 4-5 stars are not obliged to write a review, but they have the option to write a free text comment as part of their rating. You as a manufacturer can leave an answer to those comments as well.

Unanswered reviews

Arriving at your home screen, you will be able to directly see if you have something to take action on since we highlight unanswered reviews.

This is visible to everyone that has access to your account, but only users with the roles “Brand administrator” or “Product manager” can engage with and answer reviews.

Continued conversations

After the initial review from a user and the answer left by the manufacturer, we encourage that the conversation continue over email. With this feature, we want to avoid long threads on the product pages with communication back and forth.

We have designed the email so it urges the user to continue the conversation through that email if things are still not clear. This gives you as a manufacturer direct contact with the user, and you can continue any conversation through the email or book a technical walk through of your products.

In this conversation, you can always ask the user to go back and change their rating and review if everything has been sorted out.

Unsubscribe to email notifications for reviews ✅

Users that have any of the two roles “Brand administrator” or “Product manager” will receive email notifications whenever there is a new review left by a professional user on the marketplace. These email notifications can be turned off by unsubscribing to them in you profile settings.

Frequently asked questions 💬

Still have questions? Let's see if we can provide you with the answers you are looking for in our Ratings and Reviews FAQ!

BIM content strategy 🚀

BIMobject has developed BIM content since we launched the platform back in 2012. Naturally, we have vast experience in what users expect, and prefer, when it comes to objects in different file formats and for different softwares. In fact, one reason behind Autodesk asking BIMobject to take over their SEEK platform in 2017, was our high quality content production, based on style guides that was originally put in place by Autodesk.

If you feel unsure what to do in a situation or if you have reviewed feedback that you don’t understand, reach out to us and we will gladly help! Good content is key to building a happy audience that continues to use your products in all their future projects.

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