Build your brand presence

At BIMobject we understand that building a relationship with a visitor can go well beyond having a library of BIM files to download. With this release, we have also made it easier than ever to:

  • Help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Showcase your products and solutions.

This is why we are introducing a new, beautiful and always-on brand space at your fingertips. Allowing you to show the world of architects and designers all that you offer and to get specified.

Show solutions with complementary products

Combining products into collections makes it easy to see and understand what works together. It can be a line of your products that you want to show together.

Highlight your superstar use case

Add a use case. If you are running a campaign you may want to highlight it on the BIMobject marketplace. Or have your products been used in a construction project that you are extra proud of? Maybe you just want to highlight an award-winning product? You have an opportunity to put your pride and joy at the centre of attention.

Featured and latest products

Showcasing your product also requires you to be in control of which products to feature at the top. You may want to put the latest or most popular products in the front and centre.

Tell a story and educate your audience

Inspire visitors with videos that tell your brand story - or showcase how you work with care in producing your products. Include interviews and use cases. Fill your online bookshelf with brochures or inspirational booklets. Engage your audience with instructional videos.

Competitive Benchmarking

See how your brand is performing against the competition in your market and spot opportunities to get ahead.

Maybe you can optimise your product pages further with translations or improved keywords for search? Or if you want a quick win you can set up search ads to promote some of your products.

Start by defining your market segments based on region and categories of products, then compare how you rank against the competition in these segments.

Your rank is an indication of how well you attract and capture an audience on the BIMobject marketplace.

Set up and track search ads

You can now schedule and launch Search ads directly. Just a few clicks and boom - your products are in front of architects and designers looking for products in your category. Come back to see the results.

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