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Competitive Benchmarking

With competitive benchmarking, you can see how your brand is performing against the competition in your market and spot opportunities to get ahead.

You will always see your rank in your default segment. Your rank indicates how well you attract and capture an audience on the BIMobject marketplace.

Learn all about how the ranking is calculated here.

Depending on your plan you can do more. Start to create your custom market segments based on region and categories of products, choose competitors to include, and then compare how you rank against the competition in these segments.

  • Click Analyse access

Here you see your competitive ranking in the selected segment.

Default segment

You always have a default segment for your brand. It is based on the subcategories that you have products published in and the countries you have access to.

Basic or Standard

If you are on a Basic plan it is based on the audience size in your home region (your billing country).


If you are on a Premium plan your segment is based on the audience size in all regions you license - grouped together.

Create a custom a segment

Depending on your plan, you can create new segments based on your needs and your market view. Any segment created is shared with other team members working with your brand.

  • Click the plus sign to create a new segment.

  • Market segment Name - Name your market Segment.

  • Region - Select the region for your segment entire continent or select countries from the list

  • Category - Select what BIMobject Categories your Segment should include

  • Save Market segment

Hide competitors in the list

When you have created a custom segment you can easily customize your list of competitors by hiding those that you are not interested in.

Simply edit the list by hiding brands you don't what to see in your market segment.

  • Click on the eye to hide specific brands from your list to toggle it on or off.

  • Save the list

Edit a segment

To edit a custom segment you click the Pen icon. Do your changes and don't forget to save.

Delete a segment

To delete a custom segment you click the Trash can icon. Doing this permanently deletes the segment.

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