What the Product Launch brings you:

Get started using search ads with credits

Do you want to up your marketing game on BIMobject.com? We recently introduced our Email campaign tool and regionally targeted Search ads on BIMobject for business. These are two power tools for growing and retargeting your audience on the BIMobject marketplace.

Now we introduce credits - a new transaction tool enabling you to be in the driver's seat on how you invest your marketing time and energy, all hassle removed.

Simply put, as a premium customer you get credits each month on your brand - it is up to you if you choose to use them to promote your product to the top of the search, or if you choose to retarget those who are in your audience already.

Website integration - bring your BIM content closer to your brand platforms

You have existing clients and prospects who come directly to your company’s website looking for information about your products. They might be looking for your BIM content.

We have an easy-to-implement solution to integrate your BIMobject.com product pages onto your website, creating a unified experience on your marketing sites. We want to show you how it works and how we have improved the design and experience for you.

BIM properties simplified - always serve your audience with up-to-date data about your products

The construction industry is on a digitalization journey, and a key part of that is BIM objects and the data they provide in the design and specification process. One thing that specifiers are asking for when coming to our marketplace is correct and up-to-date data.

Within Publish you have many options to provide data about your products on the product pages. Properties are one of them and we have made it easier than ever to add and update the data.

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