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Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all manufacturers on the BIMobject marketplace!

Keep track of your current and future reach to designers on the BIMobject marketplace. Follow key trends in your audience and take action to further improve your reach and nurture your audience engagement.

Your potential reach: Your reach (537,529) is the number of users who browse or download products within your categories - your potential audience

Your audience 5.3k of 537,529 are the ones who have followed your brand or downloaded any of your products.

Your ranking: Your ranking (55 out of 302) compares your audience size to your competitors averages within the same categories

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An integrated experience for manufacturers

BIMobject for Business gives you instant access to all of your tools for analytics, publishing as well as promotional marketing.

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Find out you reach your ranking and read up on your notifications

View the most recent profiles in your audience and take action to further nurture their engagement.

We bring you a set of analytical tools to gain better insights about your audience.

Increase your brand reach and retarget those who have engaged with your products.

Use our self-service publishing tools to make your products and product information available to the world of construction.

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