Promoting products is a smart, simple and cost efficient way to increase impressions and downloads. It can help you to grow brand awareness with downloads and in the end generate more sales as more specifiers find your products.

To launch a product promotion, click PromoteNew Promotion Promote products

1/3 Chose one to three products

Select 1 - 3 products that you would like to promote

2/3 Set target region

Select the region(s) where you want to promote your products. You can either select individual countries, entire continents or all available countries. The available regions depend on your current region set - if you see any missing region you can always reach out to Customer Success to expand your region set.

3/3 Set impact level

Select how many days the product(s) should be promoted. The amount of credits consumed depends on how many products that are being promoted.

After having selected if you want the promotion to run for 7 or 14 days, you can select a start date in the calendar drop-down menu. Product promotions always start on a Monday and end on a Sunday.

Proceed to launch

As a final step, you can review the selections you've made to verify the promotion is launched as intended. Clicking "Launch" in the launch summary will confirm your order, consume credits and schedule the promotion for the selected start date. You can find the promotion on the Promote dashboard, and follow its performance while it's running and after it has finished.

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