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Updated pricing - Product & Collection Promotions
Updated pricing - Product & Collection Promotions

This article explains the new pricing scheme for product and collection promotions and how it will impact promotional performance.

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Since we launched our promotional functionality back in early 2022, we have followed a pricing scheme where a product or collection could be promoted for a fixed price. It didn't matter if you promoted in a single country or if you targeted the entire world. By changing the pricing scheme to better match the industry best practice, we hope to create a better situation for all promoting manufacturers.

How the new pricing scheme works

The new cost per product (or collection) and week is given by the sum of:

  • A base fee (30 credits for a product, 50 for a collection)

  • A variable fee for the countries targeted, based on an estimation of generated impressions

Why we made this change

More natural distribution of promotions🌱

The new pricing scheme will drive a more natural distribution of promotions across markets, resulting in lower average competition per market.

Greater impact per promotion📈

With lower competition per market, each promotion should capture a higher share of that market's impressions, page visits and downloads. So, while a global promotion will require more credits to launch, it should be even more impactful than before. At the same time, a promotion targeting a single market will be cheaper and more impactful than before.

Rewarding local focus🌎

BIMobject's marketing tools are most impactful when they're used together and tailored to the target market(s). With this change, promoting to only a few markets will often be cheaper than before (and more impactful!), rewarding marketing teams who want to execute on a locally tailored marketing strategy.

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