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FAQ on Ratings and Reviews
FAQ on Ratings and Reviews

Answers to commonly asked questions from our customers on ratings of BIM objects.

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Why are you asking users to rate objects?

We ask users to rate BIM objects post-download. All these answers become a great dataset showing insights into how happy users on the platform are with the content they download.

We always knew our customers had great BIM content on the marketplace; the ratings are an additional qualitative data point we share with our customers and other users across the platform.

We believe that having insights into what architects and engineers think is of great value to our customers. We also believe it will ensure that the marketplace stays a go-to place where specifiers come to find world-class manufacturer BIM content.

I am delighted with my ratings. Can I use it in my marketing?

Yes, of course, you can! When you get great reviews, that is a sign that others can trust what you have produced. It is a qualitative data point that shows appreciation for the efforts you have put into helping specifiers in their day-to-day work.

How will my ratings impact my reach on the platform?

The intention with sharing ratings and reviews on the platform, is helping users to help each other find great content. Users trust other professionals, and good ratings can inspire more users to download your content.

I do not see ratings on all my products. Why not?

Although many products and brands have ratings, not all have yet been rated by users. And some products have received few ratings. If you are not shown any average rating, it is because calculating it at this time based on too few numbers isn’t helpful.

Will ratings and reviews be displayed on my product page on the platform?

Yes, ratings and reviews will be visible on your product page on the BIMobject marketplace.

Can users also leave comments on the rating?

Yes, they can always choose to leave a comment / review to their rating. For ratings below 4, the user is mandated to select a predefined review.

I have received a comment / review, should I answer?

Yes, we encourage you to engage with your audience by answering reviews on your products! At least, make sure to prioritize to answer comments with questions or users with apparent issues in handling your objects. This shows other potential downloaders that you are serious, knowledgeable and that there are explanations if the files did not perform as expected.

Who can view and answer to ratings and reviews?

Everyone in your account will be able to view the ratings and reviews widget on your home screen on Access the entire list through Business App > Analyze > Ratings and reviews.

However, only the user roles Brand administrator and Product manager are able to engage with and answer to reviews.

Can I delete / hide a certain review / rating?

No, it is not possible for you as a manufacturer to delete, hide, or manipulate, a rating or review. Instead, we recommend that you reply to the user who submitted the review, and try to sort out any potential issues. You can then encourage the user to update their review. Should a review appear as spam, reach out to your customer success manager and they will help you handle it!

Can I choose to remove the possibility to rate and review my products?

No, it is not possible for you as a manufacturer to remove the ratings and reviews function on your products. We want to build transparancy and trust across our platform, for both AECs and building product manufacturers. This feature is there to help us on the journey towards that.

I am not happy with the ratings on my products; what should I do?

There can, of course, be different reasons that your ratings aren’t what you would wish for. Verifying if there are specific feedback in comments that users have left can give some answers. But we are also here to help, to review your BIM content and create an action plan.

Our team of BIM consultants have the expertise needed. We have the experience and insights into what specifiers are looking for. We can help you whether your content needs maintenance or a more significant overhaul. Reach out to your customer success manager to get the process started.

How can I get involved and give feedback on the rating feature as it is evolving?

At this time, we are grudually implementing the full spectra of this feature across the marketplace and the business app. We firmly believe, and hope, this will leverage the experience for both AEC users and our building product manufacturers. Let your customer success manager know if you experience any issues, or want to forward input to our product and design team.

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