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Understanding the need for green building design

Ever heard that sustainable design is the future? Well, we all have – and we all know that it’s true. But what does green design entail? And how does an architect actually work with it? We had a chat with Negar Daneshpour, Lead Architect at Tyréns

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HBIM: how digitisation brings historic buildings to new life

Although BIM is the hot new thing in the building industry, it doesn’t mean that all things built with BIM have to be new. Historical Building Information Modelling (HBIM) is quickly gaining ground in our field.

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BIM minimises costs and reduces the probability of errors

Building information modeling is rising to the top in the construction industry. But how does BIM contribute to a smarter, faster and greener industry? Let’s get the answers from Matteo Gianninoto, BIM Coordinator at Tecnoprogetti SA.

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Building Information Modeling according to Arch. Barichello, Technical Manager of Studio Mario Cucinella Architects.

Parametric design using the BIM methodology according to Architect Augusto Barichello, Technical Manager of Studio Mario Cucinella Architects. Currently in the Project Operations Management for the Unipol Sai Tower Management Center in Milan.

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100 million downloads: The data, insights and trends behind the milestone

Something big happened on the 8th of November 2021. Something big-BIG. Architects, engineers and interior designers hit “download” on our global marketplace for the 100 millionth time.

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