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Insights - KPI definitions
Insights - KPI definitions
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KPI Definition




A download is when a user has downloaded one file from a product page or directly from search result.

Product page views

Product view is each time a user has accessed a product page to view it - the user may be logged in or not.

Returning visitors

A returning visitor is a user who has viewed or downloaded one of your product pages at least on two different dates within a 30 day period.

Total Products

The total number of products the brands have.

Total Files

The total number of downloadable files the brands have.

Total number of users

The total number of users (logged in) who have been active on the brand.

% of total downloads

The percentage of the total downloads for each file type over the last 30 days.

% of available files

The percentage of the available files of a certain type that have been downloaded in the last 30 days

Demand index

The downloads in the last 30 days by users over a country's population.

((Downloads on platform) x (Registered users in country/Population in country))

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