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Under the product view you can track the performance of your products in detail over time. You can interact with several of the charts to see more details. In addition you can filter on dates to find insights on other time periods than the default 30 days. You can also dig down deeper through the categories, products, countries and occupation filters.

It helps you to see the top performing products overall, and to filter into your product or market segment to see the performance there too.

This product view is currently only available for Premium customers.

Top 100 product by views and downloads

The first chart shows you top 100 viewed & downloaded products. It lets you see how often users view the products that you have on BIMobject cloud. You can also compare the page views vs the number of files that have been downloaded.

To see the specific data points you can click over to view the data in a table, where you can sort on both downloads and views, as well as search for a specific product.

Downloads in the world

On the map the total downloads in the selected time period by user over country. The hue of the country represents the downloads in each country. When using any of the filters on the page, you get to see different subsets of the downloads - giving you possibilities to see if it is primarily architects or engineers in a country that are interacting with your brand and products.

The map also lets you click into a country to you see which file types are most downloaded there for you brand.

Downloaded file types by occupations

This charts shows you the top occupational categories that interact with your products and which file types they are downloading.
You can click a bar to see more sub groups of occupations, as well as switch over to see the data in a table, giving you both the power of visualisation to quickly see the top occupations as well as specific detailed data points on a specific file type.

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