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Insights - Platform trends
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Platform trends and popular file types on BIMobject

When you are adding content to BIMobject Cloud and want to understand some download patterns, for instance if you want to make sure you understand what type of format you need to provide in your top market - you will find this view useful. Here you find data from all the users on BIMobject Cloud, split over user occupations, countries as well as file types.

File type downloads by occupation

Understanding your target audience is key so, an important factor for you may be the the file type by occupation. In this stacked bar chart you can drill into the categories by clicking the bar or on the title to see more details, on specific occupations. You also have the choice to look view this as a table, this maybe extra helpful if you are looking for details on a specific file type.

Downloads by file type

The donut (or pie chart) shows the top most popular file types currently being downloaded. For a more detailed view you have the option to switch to a table. In the table view you get the additional data point "% of available files" which indicate how many of the available files of each type that have been downloaded. The data represent the last 30 days.

Demand Index in the World

On the map the total downloads in the last 30 days by user over country - or as we all it Demand index. - are shown - the hue of the country represents the relative demand of downloads in each country.

When clicking a country you see which file types are most downloaded there. So for instance - if your market is Denmark you may choose to primarily focus on Revit as a first option, but if you are also keen to cover the neighbouring country Germany you might find that ARCHICAD is a fairly popular file type too.

You can zoom in if needed to get to a certain country.

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