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Create Multiple Product Pages (excel)
Create Multiple Product Pages (excel)

How to mass create product pages using excel

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Select Multiple Product Pages

Pick from Simple or Customisable

Simple - With the Simple template, you can quickly create Product Pages with the information you have in hands. Always add more information later if needed.

Customisable - With the Extended template, you can create high quality product Pages with what you consider be more relevant for users. Always add more information later if is needed.

Download your Template

Open the excel

Tab 1 Tips Will include information about all the information column, what is ment to include

Tab 2 English the Default languish. Every row is one product page all the information you fill in under English will be displayed all over unless you translate the product pages

Tab 3-34 All translations This tabs will include less column then the English Tab as not all data will need translation. Information to translate could include Name Description Specification text and the links. For the place you do not translate the english information will show in its place.

Uploading your Template

Save the excel

Klick Import (top right)

Product pages (excel)

Drag and drop the excel

Save Product pages

Your product pages have been added

Note: Permalink is the unique identifier for your product, you decide what it should be named. Important to know do not include spaces or any special characters as this will be part of the url of your product page.

Note: Permalink once you have set a permalink to a product pages we highly recommend not changing it as this could lead to some broken links.

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