Email Campaigns are tool that helps you nurture and talk to the audience of architects, engineers, and designers you have gained from publishing products on

Click PromoteEmail Campaigns

1/3 Select an audience

Select your audience, the amount of your audience and how many you will reach is based on the amount of credits you have.

2/3 The purpose of my campaign

Is this Campaign for Education Materials, Invite to Webinar, Ask About Projects or Other.

3/3 Email Content

  • Subject Line - Add a subject line for your email Campaign

  • Image - Add a main image for your Campaign

  • Text - Add the text for what you want to communicate with your Campaign

  • Button Text - Name the button the cal to action

  • Button Link - Add the link where you want this button to take you

Send for review → Send the campaign to your email for review

Save as draft → Save the campaign as a draft

Launch → The Campaign is sent

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