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Product name and Pictures
Product name and Pictures

How to add Name, Permalink, Object type, BIMobject category and product Image

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Name your Product Page. How would users best identify your product? Short and simple. (e.g. Coffee Table 2019)


Name your Permalink —connects your Product Page. It should be unique. Do not change it once your Product Page is public. (e.g. coffee-table-2019)

Object type

Define your Object type by choosing which of the following categories best fits what your product ist: Assembly, Documentation, Single Object and Showcase.

BIMobject category

Define your category by choosing which fits better to what your product is. (e.g. Furniture: Tables)


Upload one or more images of your product. The primary image (i.e. the first image in the list once the upload is complete) should be a picture of just the product itself —we recommend an white background image. Other images showing the product within an environment or similar context should come after the primary image. The maximum image size allowed is 400Mb, and its dimension should be a minimum of 385x385 pixels in either width or height. The accepted file types are JPG, PNG, and JPEG.

File Renaming and Type Changes

You can easily rename files and change file types directly within the Publish interface.

Select the files you want to change, or select all files and click the edit button. It is now possible to change the name, file type and associated software. Names must be unique.

The system ensures that the file type changes you make are within compatible parameters. For instance, you can transition a PDF document from an EPD to an FDES format, or convert an image file (JPG) to a texture format. This compatibility safeguard guarantees that your modified files remain functional and usable.

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